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Domino Machine


Baking and Fractions


Science of Cooking: Ice Cream


Splash Blasters


Fishing Game


Ice-Dyed Hat & Socks


Giant Bubbles


Galactic Glow Art


Light Refraction


Bottle Rocket


Environmental Science Book Set


Paleontologist Starter Kit Book Set


Chomping Mechanical Dinosaur Costume and Book Set


Solar System Book Set


Astronaut Starter Kit Book Set


Light-Chasing Robot Book Set


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Combining Play & Scientific Learning

At KiwiCo we know the key to unlocking the mysteries of science is in the experience. Every curious kid can make their own independent science discoveries when they are given the tools to experiment, explore, and experience hands-on learning!

Our newest science and art kits challenge and inspire kids' creativity, while helping them build the skills, confidence, and deductive reasoning they need to thrive… all while having fun!