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Colorful Inspiration


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Explore the world of colors: Make a stained-glass window, create colors with a quick spin of your top, and dye a tote bag using colored tissue paper!

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carrie k.
May 27 2013

Great easy to follow instructions. Enough material to do more than one top and stained glass. Great for 3,5 and even 8 year old.

Beth K.
May 25 2013

I loved that there was more than one project in the crate, and included was everything we would need. Also I loved that it wasn't just stuff that I could have thought of or had on hand already, and my kids loved it. I did think it could include a bit more in terms of teaching hints, or other add on projects, etc. My kids finished their tops within a few minutes. It would be nice to have something that lasted a little longer (although my kids are young so they don't have a long attention span either).

Judi & Mike H.
May 23 2013

Fun and creative projects with little to no mess. Would love more supplies. He kept wanting to do more windows, so perhaps putting additional supplies / projects in each crate would help it stretch more. I keep sneaking "projects" into the green box and telling him we have another project to do. He really loved it though.