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Ages 5+

Fun with Flight


Build a rocket launcher and create a set of your own flying rockets. Play with flight and learn about flight, thrust, and air resistance through rocket building! Learn how to tinker with your launcher to make your rockets fly through the sky. Make a kite and run around to watch it fly.Read more

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    The stomp rocket launcher works really well, but a few out of box modifications are necessary. First of all, the fins are needed to improve the flight of the rockets -- however, the stickers don't hold the fins to the rocket at all. One really needs to use a stronger tape to hold the fins on, and while scotch tape is a better solution than the included stickers, its still not perfect. Secondly, the lime green foam toppers don't always sit and stay within the straws, so that the rockets launcher becomes a "cannon" instead, with the foam top as a projectile. Its still super fun, but not really ideal for the purpose of the "experiments." Thirdly, I've had the straw portion of one of the rockets break (slitted, like when a drinking straw accidentally gets bent and splits) after a couple of launches. When everything works, however, its super amazing and super fun, and I considered it a win that my kid understood the concept that the higher one aims, the less far out it goes, etc. And the kites are a lovely component as well!



    Super duper exciting rocket blast off! I am impressed by the project and by the fun that our kids have! 3 months passed but the rocket still works great! Highly recommend subcriptions!

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