Ages 3+
Ages 3+



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Celebrate cityscapes! Play with geometric shapes to craft unique skyline paintings. Design buildings using cards and foam connectors, then put them all together to create a bustling card city! Then use stencils to decorate a drawstring bag to store all your city tools.

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3 reviews

May 2 2019

Loved the blocks! They are super easy to pack and take along anywhere. Building the houses was very fun and rewarding, and I loved the creative element of painting.

Mar 16 2019

This crate had great hands on activities. The building cards were super fun and I loved that there was a bag included to hold all the pieces for easy transportation.

Jan 14 2019

My daughter loves to paint so the number of painting projects was a big hit. She had fun creating different city scenes on the bag and the paper. The stencils were super fun and creative.