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Ages 2+

Neighborhood Fun


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Discover Kellan’s neighborhood! Paint a very special water-play mat with a water-dipped paintbrush to reveal the ins-and-outs of Kellan’s neighborhood. Try painting with lines, shapes, or even free-drawing with your finger. Then help Kellan and Peter explore their town, by dipping the Kellan and Peter wood toys in water, and moving them from stop to stop on the neighborhood map. (Their steps will leave a trail!)

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Jul 28 2020

The map turned out to be an incredibly useful addition to our homeschool. The opposite side is blank...we use it for letter formation practice and drawing.

May 15 2020

My daughter loves the magic map! She Has a lot of fun!

Mar 31 2020

It has repeat use and had caused a great interest in maps and fun imaginary play about the story in the book!