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Pumpkin Lantern


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Use this Halloween themed project kit to construct a jack-o-lantern that lights up! Start by building the wooden base and add the orange vellum to create the rounded pumpkin shape. Use the LED components to add the final glowing touch!

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Nov 14 2017

Kids loved this. 9 year old did a great job helping. They still use it for a night light. I like there is an extra light that comes with it. This crate should ship in a box that would fit the lantern after being built. That way it can be stored for the next year. It also comes with an extra light so having another year in it would be great.

Joanna S.
Oct 29 2016

I thought this was a great project for my daughter. She loved both the building and construction part of the crate and the decorating aspect as well. The illustrated instructions kept things moving along really well and involved very little help or involvement from me. Thanks Kiwi Crate!