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Ages 5+
Ages 5+

STEM Holiday (2-Pack)

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in STEM Holiday (2-Pack)

Learn all about chemistry and mechanics with these 2 projects! Recommended for Ages 5+.
Both 2 projects delivered together.

1. Christmas Candle Carousel
Explore how the candles in your carousel are for more than just show — they also heat up the air around them, causing it to rise in a gust of wind that spins the whole carousel around!

2. Crystal Chemistry Tree
'Plant' and decorate a tree with ornaments and ribbons. Add ammonia, bluing, and table salt to the planter, and watch snowy crystals appear on the branches overnight!

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Jan 1 2020

The kids loves them all. We're surprised at the tree. Loves Santa's workshop

Betty Evelyn
Nov 11 2019

I enjoyed helping them put the projects together!

Oct 18 2019

The boys were very excited about their Crates & had their kits put together in no time. Very excited that they could accomplish the tasks!