Ages 5+
Ages 5+

Young Chemist (3-Pack)

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Jul 24 2021

This was a great combination of experiences!! My girls (ages 5 and 3) learned about the scientific process and enjoyed the quality time with me.

May 31 2021

I did two of the crates with my 4 grandkids - ages 3 to 11. They loved them. They could all participate - taking turns. The crystals came out great. They loved the oil and water - the ship in the bottle & the ice cubes in the oil were really fun. They only negative is that the oil bottle had leaked inside the crate and had some tiny bugs in it. But, I had vegetable oil at home so it was fine. Just a FYI. We will do the other crate the next time they visit. I would highly recommend it. Fun to watch the results with them.

May 20 2021

my kids are 6 and 8 and loved these crates. great family night fun !

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