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A subscription for our littlest learners

Developmentally appropriate products for 0-24 month olds.

Perfect for your little one's developing brain.

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Panda Crate was inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally curious and creative babies.

We designed each crate to help babies learn by doing what they do best — playing, exploring, and most importantly, interacting with loving adults in their lives.

We're grateful to play a part in this journey with you!

How it works

  1. Enter the child's birth or due date.

    We offer products specific to each baby's age.

  2. Choose a plan.

    Pick a subscription plan that's right for you. Pause or cancel anytime.

  3. Receive crates every other month.

    First crate ships in 2 days!

Grounded in the science of early childhood development

Designed by experts,
tested by kids!

  • Developmentally appropriate baby subscription box

    Developmentally appropriate

    Just-right products and information for your child's age.

  • Parent reading research-backed baby subscription box manual


    Designed in partnership with experts at Seattle Children's Hospital.

  • Baby learning with hands-on cards from Panda crate

    Hands-on learning & play

    Extensively tested to promote learning and engagement.

  • Parent and child bonding through toddler subscription box

    More time to bond

    Research distilled into a helpful and practical guide.

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1,813 reviews

Stage-specific quality products in every crate

Each crate includes a set of high-quality products made just for your child’s developmental stage.

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bond with Me


sense with Me


explore with Me


count with Me


solve with Me

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crates of fun... and counting!

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1,813 Panda Crate reviews

Katelyn W

I love that all of the items are exactly what shes needing for those next milestones. The toys are also aesthetically pleasing so that makes this designer mamas heart happy.

Panda Crate
Taylor B

Its so age appropriate! We love getting our new box and exploring all the fun new toys!

Panda Crate
Pranita D

loved the travel theme and the quality of toys.. also love the literature that came with the box on how to use the toys.. makes the work of a parent easier to have age appropriate toys instead of getting 10s and 100s of toys which the child may or may not play with..

Panda Crate
Toni T

I'm an SLP and the toys are great for development

Panda Crate
Nora D

I like the slow frequency of the deliveries so toys dont pile up, and the child has time grow their skills between crates. The quality of the crate items is very good, and age appropriate.

Panda Crate

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