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Antarctic Adventure


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Go on an Antarctic Adventure with Kiwi Crate! This crate has everything you'll need to create a penguin bowling game, paint magical aurora postcards to send to friends, and explore more with easy ice experiments.



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Cristy S.
May 23 2013

I loved the science experiments. I have three kids, ages 8, 6, and 2, and they all were able to do the things in the crate.

Marie M.
May 22 2013

The different activities were good. It was easy for my child to help set up the bowling activity. The science experiment ideas were good and I liked how it gave us a couple options. The explore more science experiments were my sons favorite thing in the entire box. These were perfect as he is an advanced 3 year old. Wish we had materials to do one of the science experiments in the explore more card. These were perfect for an advanced 3 year old but I am concerned he will quickly outgrow these ideas. Perhaps you could include extra science experiment ideas that included a more detailed explanation of what is happening in the experiment.

May 21 2013

Kids loved both projects - perfect for both ages [3 and 6] - loved the added ice cube tray!!!! The watercolors didn't work as well as some Crayola ones we have, so the 3yo was a little frustrated w them. [Or maybe it was the brush was less absorbent? Not sure.]