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Let's Bake


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Make time for culinary fun! Look the part with your very own chef's hat and apron. Use fun food-shaped stencils and crayons to make them your own. Continue the fun and make a layered cake with unique "icing" clay in piping bags. Add fruit toppings and candles for the finishing touch! Learn more about the chemistry and "magic" of baking in this crate's magazine.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine specially created for this crate.

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Julie B.
Feb 22 2015

My child loves imaginative play so the projects in this crate were perfect for her. She loved to make her own cake and decorate her apron.

Heather R.
Feb 20 2015

This crate has been our favorite ever. It allowed hours of play after creating. My kids both enjoy using the chefs outfit and playing with the cake they made.

Amy P.
Feb 16 2015

The baking crate was so clever! The cake craft was the best. We loved the realistic looking pastry bags with "icing." The cake has held up well amongst our play kitchen toys. The apron and chef's hat were also great because we can actually reuse them. Loved the crayons that came along, too--very high quality and fun to color with.