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Busy with Bugs


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Explore the world of bugs! Create a glowing firefly that “flies” on its own zipline, then create colorful sponge art.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with bonus online content specially created for this crate.

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Kathleen K.
May 21 2013

The Bugs crate has kept my kids busy for days. It is not something that they are done with in a few hours. We have gone on bug scavenger hunts and done all things bugs since we got the crate. Very entertaining, fun and informative for not only my kids but myself as well. We even made sandwiches and used bug cookie cutters to shape our sandwiches and then made paint out of milk and food coloring so they could paint their sandwiches before eating them.

Amanda R.
May 14 2013

I love all the different supplies provided in the exact amount portioned for the craff. I also loved that you gave us the info cards so we actually learned something while doing this. Also it was a little messy (paint and sponges) but controlled so something we wouldn't normally do but it was an excuse to experiment. Also love that it was perfectly matched to the season-we're checking out bugs! This was my first crate so I can't think of anything I would do differently. The presentation was beautiful and really organized. Bright and interesting materials. It's a great gift idea but a little pricey for a friends birthday but certainly something a grand parent or relative would give.

Haley T.
May 4 2013

My son loved making his own flying bug! Teh best part was the glow sticks. The painting project could have used some more paint colors. So far, we love it