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Cast magical spells as a fairy: Create a magical wand, decorate a beautiful flower garland, and bring a set of pixie-sized paper dolls to life.



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Lea S.
May 22 2013

The theme was something that all little girls love. The CS_Wand was especially a big hit! I can't think of anything. Everything we needed was in the crate. You guys have every detail handled and that was so convenient. Thank you! The girls had a blast! Keep cranking them out!

Melissa A.
May 9 2013

Great variety and quality of materials. Our 3 year old granddaughter absolutely loved making the CS_Wands and the little people. We loved this one so much, we'll likely be purchasing another one soon. The glitter paper that we wrapped around the bottom ends of the CS_Wands didn't stick very well. We will probably end up using hot glue to make it stick better. Otherwise, it was a beautiful project.

Jessica L.
Apr 1 2013

The projects were perfect for my 5 year old. She loved it.