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Farmers' Market


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Make colorful stuffed fruits and vegetables, design your own market apron with fabric crayons & stencils, and count play money.

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Sara L.
May 21 2013

It's a really cute idea, and my kids really liked the play money that came with it. The fabric crayons got a little smeared when my kids were coloring on the apron. It might be nice to have a crate for older kids. My oldest is 9 and loves crafts.

Cynthia R.
May 17 2013

Pretending to sell at the market was a fun way to incorporate learning about money and credit cards and practicing subtraction. Also, decorating the apron was something we wouldn't have done if it hadn't been in the crate. And I liked that the money was pretty sturdy and looked like real coins.

Diana M.
May 16 2013

I received it one day before traveling via plane and I was thrilled that I only had to pre-cut on part in order to use both crafts on the plane with my toddler. He used the stencils on the apron and started sewing and stuffing one of the fruits on one of the flights. Even my husband gave me props for being such a thoughtful mom to bring those crafts on the plane. Our son was so happy to have them