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Halloween Lights


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Get creative this Halloween with fun decorations kids can make themselves!

Design and decoupage four adorable luminaries that really light up. Create classic Halloween characters or mix-and-match to make your own!



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Oct 22 2015

I did this project with my 3-year-old and 4-year-old. They really enjoyed it. The glitter Mod Podge wasn't too messy, and I love that the glitter doesn't come off of the jars now that it is dry. The only part they found difficult was adding the pipe cleaner to the bat and spider. They are both so proud of their lights.

Oct 6 2015

My Son loves Halloween so I knew he would love these! We had so much fun making them and we both like the way they turned out. It was so easy just having everything we need. I'm hoping these will hold up and have them for years to come!

Cammy H.
Nov 5 2014

My son and I loved the lanterns. They were easy enough for a 4 year old to make and they turned out great! We will get those out for years to come! I love that you give us more than enough supplies to complete the projects. My son always comes up with other creative ways to use the leftovers.