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Handmade Hanukkah


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Make your home glow with your own sparkly, tissue-paper-covered menorah and twisty-spinny art! Drop some paint on your spinning dreidel, and watch the colors fly across paper squares. Once the paint dries, you’re ready for the dreidel game!

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Alexa H.
Dec 12 2013

My kid was SO excited to get his own package in the mail. Beautifully packaged so it felt special to him. The crafts were well thought out + engaging. Kept him occupied for several hours. End product looks fabulous which made him feel good.

Julie M.
Oct 12 2013

Lots of fun, easy for my child to do on her own, I love that the menorah will become something we use every year and can remember making it together

Aimee L.
Aug 12 2013

I sent two crates as gifts to two different little girls and their families (ages 41/2 and 5). The crates got rave reviews. Both girls both loved the crates - especially the menorahs, which they were able to decorate and light by themselves. I received a photo from one of the families, and I have to say the look exceeded my expectations.