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Lemonade Stand-F1512


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Get ready to set up shop with your very own lemonade stand accessories! Make your chalkboard shop sign and pair it with a DIY lemon eraser. Then, construct a cash register with a working calculator to play fun money games.

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine with extra projects and activities!

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Deb E.
Oct 5 2015

When we opened the box, my granddaughter (5) immediately recognized what the two crafts were and was thrilled. We made the cash register and took it to the ice cream store and the lady at the counter let her use it to pay for her ice cream!! We played store with her little sister (20 mos) with the lemonade stand and some other kitchen props and everyone was entertained for hours. In our time together (Gramma and older child-5 ) we don't have enough time to do more than 1-2 crafts before her little sister wakes from her nap. This one we did both and were able to include her sister a bit. We hardly get to the magazine, but we keep them for other rainy days which are great for Grammas to have on hand.

Sara B.
Sep 20 2015

The blackboard sign has been a huge hit! It sits on our kitchen table and nearly every day my daughter asks what size lemonade I'd like to buy! :) It has been great. The cash register is also amazing. She plays with it all the time and it's a great way to teach her about money and purchasing items! LOVE this crate! The lemon eraser is cute, but we've found that it doesn't work the greatest. Still, it's super cute.

Shannon N.
Sep 15 2015

The cash register project was very fun for my 5 year old and she loves using the calculator and the pretend money to buy and sell thing. It is also helping her learn money denominations and the cost of things at the store.