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Trek through the wild with exotic jumping frogs and mimic the sounds of the rainforest with your very own rainstick! Keep the fun going with the Explore! magazine featuring extra activities, games, puzzles, and projects!



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Annie P.
Sep 9 2014

We loved the magazine that came with so many activities and interesting information that kids can understand, not too academic and with things not typically covered in young kids books (like the levels of the rainforest). Loved the unique frog hopper game. I have never seen that before.

Janine R.
Jun 8 2014

My grandson and daughter loved the sound that the Rain stick makes, He loved decorating the frogs and then using the catapult to shoot them into the felt water pools that they made.

Connie B.
May 10 2014

We liked that the projects were easy for our daughter to complete with minimal help. While I love thst most of them we work on together, it was fun to see her sense of accomplishment and be proud of what she created on her own.