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Robot Rally


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Discover amazing robots: Use a wind up toy to make a paper robot go, decorate your very own magnetic robot, and learn more about robots with drawing cards!



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Joncee M.
May 24 2013

We liked building and decorating the robots. We Didn't like the maze component, bit of an anti-climax.

Patricia M.
May 23 2013

All supplies were included and science was incorporated within the craft projects.

Alex P.
May 22 2013

Everything you need is in the box! My son and I spent the entire afternoon working on the projects and we had so much fun! The only thing I wish was different is the cost. If it was $15 or less per month it would be easier for me to order. The glue stick you guys use is awesome. Totally appreciated the scissors included in the pack. Markers were great. The magnetic robot project was difficult for my 4 year old to maneuver and he lost interest fast. But we had a great time with the wind-up project.