2020 KiwiCo Look Back: A Year of Creativity & Resilience

Dec 28, 2020 / By Cailyn Bradley

It’s been a long year of unexpected challenges and changes, but through it all, the pint-sized problem solvers in our KiwiCo community have inspired us with their creativity and resilience. As we hunkered down at home at the start of quarantine, we shared a series of fun challenges as a way to stay connected with one another. With each challenge came clever, colorful, and curious creations that not only made us smile but also pushed us to work harder and think bigger. Thank you for sharing these moments of delight and wonder with us! As we round out 2020, we’re celebrating the creativity of our kid community and looking forward to another 12 months of inspiration in 2021.

Mega Marble Run

To find your child’s marble run, check out the time code table of contents here!

If you want to launch your own mega marble run challenge with your family near and far, you can follow our instructions here. Share your creations with us on Instagram by tagging us with @kiwico_inc!

Cheer Up Your Neighbors with Chalk Art

Earlier this year, our community was asked to explore sidewalk chalk art and creativity after our chat with a professional street artist who offered expert tips. We loved seeing the delightful, inspiring artwork that came back to us from neighborhood sidewalks from all over. Check out some of the submissions!

Isla (10) from Tennessee, USA

Ann (11) from Tbilisi, Georgia
Emmaline from Rhode Island, USA

Write a Haiku About Staying at Home

Many of us naturally grappled with mixed emotions throughout the year, but we were so impressed by the continued resilience of kids from all over the world. As a creative exercise, our in-house poet and editor gave kids tips for writing haikus about hard times and we found such inspiration from these reminders to stay positive. Here are a few the haikus we received:

Coronavirus / Let’s make the best out of it / Stay safe Be happy Noah (12) from Belgium

Everything is closed / Because the virus is here / I am still happy Eléonore (6) from Switzerland

I walk on the street / wear a mango ice cream mask / oh it tastes so good Carina (5) from California, USA

Draw an Undiscovered Dinosaur

Kids around the world channeled their inner paleontologist, dreaming up dinosaurs to discover. For drawing tips, we turned to the illustrator of one of our favorite books (Tiny T. Rex and the Impossible Hug). From the friendly T. Rexotopsaur to Mr. Hot Dog, we think all the imaginative drawings are dinomite!

Emma (9) from Texas, USA

Vera (5) from California, USA

Colton from California, USA Make Foraged Art

Make Foraged Art

Some of the most beautiful quarantine creations came, not from crafts, but from nature! We talked with the author of Foraged Art, Peter Cole, to find out ways kids could make masterpieces with materials supplied by Mother Nature. Here are some of the awesome artworks we received:

Leonardo (3) from Western Australia
Sophia (4) from Florida, USA

Emilio (5) from California, USA