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0-36 months

Discover brain-building play for every stage

Developmentally appropriate products for 0-36 month olds.

Say hello to play time with purpose

A toddler enjoying a Panda Crate activity kit

Panda Crate was inspired by the vision of helping busy parents nurture their naturally curious and creative babies.

We designed each crate to help babies learn by doing what they do best — playing, exploring, and most importantly, interacting with loving adults in their lives.

We're grateful to play a part in this journey with you!

How it works

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    Enter the birth or due date.Each crate contains just-right products for each developmental stage.

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    Pick a plan.Choose how many crates you want to receive. Pause or cancel anytime


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    Get crates every other month.Your first crate ships in 2-3 business days!

Babies and parents bonding with learning products from Panda Crate baby subscription box

Grounded in the science of early childhood development

Designed by experts,
tested by kids!

  • A baby lying on its back, playing with a dangling toy from Panda Crate

    Developmentally appropriate

    Just-right products and helpful tips to navigate every stage.

  • A new parent reading an informational pamphlet from a Panda Crate

    Science-based approach

    Designed in partnership with early childhood development experts.

  • A toddler learning shapes with large developmental flash cards

    Brain-building play

    Nurture your little one's growing brain through fun & engaging play.

  • A KiwiCo product designer testing items from Panda Crate

    Designed with care

    Thoughtful, quality design choices and materials to promote healthy development.

Meet one of our experts!

Dr. D

A headshot of Dr. D smiling

Dr. Dimitri Christakis, MD, MPH is a pediatrician at Seattle Children's Hospital and Director of the Center for Child Health, Behavior and Development at the Seattle Children's Research Institute.

Little ones and their grownups are loving Panda Crate!

4.6 stars

3,404 reviews

Unlock brain-building skills in every crate

Each crate includes a set of high-quality products made just for your child’s developmental stage.

Explore some sample crates


Let's bond


Let's sense


Let's explore


Let's count


Let's solve


Let's sort


Let's go

Choose your experience:

  1. A

    Panda Crate

    Starts at $33.90/crate

    Wood pegboard set, pull-back car, ball drop drawer, grownup guide, and other items from Panda Crate.
    1. 3–6 stage-specific products

    2. 1 in-depth grownup guide

    3. 6–10 developmental skills per crate

    Or get even more:

  2. B

    Panda CratePlus

    Starts at $68.00/crate

    Tap and Roll ball run and additional developmental toys included in the Panda Plus Crate.
    1. 3–6 stage-specific products

    2. 1 in-depth grownup guide

    3. 10–12 developmental skills per crate

    4. 1–2 grow-with-me Plus products

    5. 1–2 additional play guides

    6. $150 worth of products and content

Over 50 million crates delivered worldwide

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What is Panda Crate?

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My due date isn't for a few months. Can I order Panda Crate now and receive it later?

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3,404 Panda Crate reviews


Carolyn T

My daughter loves the panda crates! We look forward to every new crate with the subscription. The toys are built with high quality materials and simple designs allowing optimal play and learning to occur. Each toy is easy to clean and portable so great when were on the go as a family. In addition, it helps us busy parents support our child development every time we play together. Thank you Kiwico!

Panda Crate

Mirna S

The crate was really fit to my daughters developmental skills and she enjoyed it so much. Additionally, the quality of the games and books us simply amazing.

Panda Crate

Alyson R

The toys in the boxes are always fantastic good quality and have multiple uses

Panda Crate

Hermes D

its nice my daughter is getting new toys that are helpful for her and dont have to even think about it as a parent

Panda Crate

Alexis N

Keeps them curious teaches them

Panda Crate

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