Let’s Bond!

Bond with your baby and help develop their growing brain.


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With this crate, you’ll bond with your newborn and help them discover their developing senses of vision and hearing while practicing attention and focus. See the products

Did you know? The experiences and interactions your baby has after they’re born help wire up more than 100 billion neurons!

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This month, you and your baby will explore:

  • vision

    Newborns can only see about 8-12 inches away. While their vision will sharpen as they grow, large shapes and patterns in high-contrast colors fascinate them in the meantime.

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Each crate includes a grownup guide with 20+ pages of science-based, research-backed content about your baby’s current stage.

  • Advice from doctors & experts

    The skinny on skills and brain science

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    What’s inside?

    1. A pillow for tummy time.

      In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Tummy Time Pillow

      Gently support baby's core and bond face-to-face with three different sections that create a gentle slope for more comfortable tummy time.

    2. A four-panel mirror for tummy time.

      In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Tummy Time Mirror

      This four-panel mirror can lie flat, stand up, or fold into a triangular shape to explore new textures, sounds, and reflections together.

    3. A swaddle and plush star.

      In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Star Lovey

      Soft, comforting swaddle textures and a plush star help baby self-soothe with easy-to-grasp fabric.

    4. Cards that are black and white with different patterns.

      In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Black & White Cards

      Big shapes and bold patterns in high-contrast colors grab baby's attention while engaging their sense of vision.

    5. In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Grownup Guide

      Over 20 pages of research-backed guidance, development milestones, and activities to try at home.

    6. Only in Plus + Deluxe:

      Grow-With-Me Sensory Play Mat

      9 different activity features and an extra cushy mat entice baby to stay and play during tummy time.

    7. Only in Deluxe:

      Baby Talk

      This high-contrast board book introduces baby to early language skills and secure attachment.

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    Made with care.

    Each crate is designed with love and made to last.

    All Panda Crate products are free of BPA, phthalates, and lead and meet or exceed rigorous testing and safety standards. Everything uses non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes.

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    3,169 Panda Crate reviews


    Janet M

    Great products. Great, on time service

    Kaira G

    The toys were quality and wooden which I loved! Its a fun surprise for both my child and I to see the toys that arrive and it also is so helpful to have a few pieces that specifically target her age.

    Rhoda H

    The grandkids enjoy doing them and is challenging so it keeps them off of the internet games for hours!

    Tímea F

    The toys are very useful

    Tímea F

    The toys are very useful.