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Stacey J
Jan 14 2020

The crates are so fun, good instructions, and worth every penny. Something you can’t find in stores!

Atlas Crate
Amanda M
Jan 14 2020

Great activity for kids, helping foster creativity, with the right balance in terms of challenge.

Doodle Crate
Jessica M
Jan 14 2020

Quality product, educational and my kid bursts out with excitement when he sees the box at the front door!

Kiwi Crate
Stacia T
Jan 14 2020

All of the activities were perfect for my child's age and she was so engaged in each activity.

Panda Crate
Adva S
Jan 16 2020

It's a fun, non digital way to teach kids about science and the world, and my son loves it :-)

Tinker Crate
Rebecca T
Jan 14 2020

I loved it! It is such a fun way to turn off the TV and engage your brain.

Maker Crate
Zachary B
Jan 14 2020

Eureka proffers creativity, critical thinking and an avenue to learn...and most importantly have fun!

Eureka Crate
Susan S
Jan 9 2020

From the very first box my son, 8, said,"I don't like it, I LOVE it!!" He gets so excited and checks outside for the box to come. For me, I love that he is learning things that may sound complicated but are made easy with how kiwico creates the projects. And I also love that the boxes are the same size and that most projects can fit back inside when not being used. I like that there is more paper or wood used rather than tons of plastic. Great job!

Kiwi Crate
Heather B
Jan 16 2020

The crates are fun for the kids, age appropriate, and educational. My kids love kiwi crate day!

Koala Crate
Nichole U
Jan 14 2020

These are perfect for crafty kiddos. Super easy and some really cool projects!

Doodle Crate