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Gayle K

The kits are always interesting and age appropriate. My grandsons have enjoyed each and everyone of them.

Koala Crate


Our kids love their Kiwi Crates! They constantly ask when the next one will arrive.

Kiwi Crate


I really love what KiwiCo is doing in the world of imaginative play!

Panda Crate

Katie S

I bought it for my nieces and they are loving each project, and I love seeing their dedication and reactions

Kiwi Crate

Alison L

My kids all love the activities and the surprise of receiving something in the mail. As a homeschool family, extra activities are always great on those rainy days

Tinker Crate

Sherry W

Atlas crate is great! Love the variety of activities and information and the recipes are always fun, eady and delicious. Wish you would repackage for adults. Keep all same info and activities just make it less kiddie. My elderly parents are really enjoying their Atlas crates despite the kiddie-ness. Were all kids at heart anyway, so all good regardless.

Atlas Crate

Susan C

The products are fun and interactive for the child

Kiwi Crate

Laurie S

Ethan and his sister enjoy the toys every day,

Panda Crate

Shy H

Its something my son gets excited about and looks forward to every month now. Hes very grateful for it.

Eureka Crate

Megan M

Wonderful engaging product

Doodle Crate