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Alyce S

Excellent content tailored to age groups. Awesome books and fun fun fun crafts!

Koala Crate

Michael S

My grandkids both love the crates and look forward to receiving them each month.

Koala Crate

Carolyn T

My daughter loves the panda crates! We look forward to every new crate with the subscription. The toys are built with high quality materials and simple designs allowing optimal play and learning to occur. Each toy is easy to clean and portable so great when were on the go as a family. In addition, it helps us busy parents support our child development every time we play together. Thank you Kiwico!

Panda Crate

Mirna S

The crate was really fit to my daughters developmental skills and she enjoyed it so much. Additionally, the quality of the games and books us simply amazing.

Panda Crate

Melissa M

Clever projects that my son loved. Great directions and came with everything he needed.

Tinker Crate

Alyson R

The toys in the boxes are always fantastic good quality and have multiple uses

Panda Crate

Yuan Z

my kids love them and always look forward for the next delivery

Kiwi Crate

Hermes D

its nice my daughter is getting new toys that are helpful for her and dont have to even think about it as a parent

Panda Crate

Alexis N

Keeps them curious teaches them

Panda Crate

Ana P

The kits are well thought out and fun to do.

Store Crate