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Ages 6-14

Discover the science of cooking

Gain kitchen confidence with hands-on experimentation

Delivering a whole new recipe for creativity in the kitchen.

Everything needed to make tasty and toasty hamburgers from a Yummy Crate cooking box

Say hello to Yummy Crate. Unlock the science of cooking and help kids gain confidence in the kitchen. With these family-friendly, kid-tested (and kid-tasted!) recipes and activities, they can experience the joy of preparing and sharing a meal. All while taking a bite out of big scientific ideas like biology and chemistry in the kitchen.

Our STEAM-based approach is designed to foster a love for the true science of cooking, with delicious recipes and enriching activities that explore hands-on creativity and experimentation in and out of the kitchen. It’s the perfect ingredients for family bonding time. And frankly, learning never tasted so good.

How it works

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    Choose a plan.We offer options at various price points and lengths. Pause or cancel anytime


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    Meal prep.Our easy-to-use shopping list helps customize recipes for dietary preferences so you can be ready for fun when your crate arrives.

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    Serious fun!Dive into delicious recipes and enriching STEAM projects for hands-on creativity in and out of the kitchen.

Select products from KiwiCo monthly STEAM boxes.

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every month

Family-friendly recipes

2-3 kid-tested (and kid-tasted!) recipes that teach kitchen skills and explore the science of cooking

STEAM activities

Experiment with a specialty cooking tool, plus 2 hands-on projects for more creative fun and learning in (and out) of the kitchen

Yummy Zine magazine

Kid-friendly characters, science, history, and fun facts about food

Easy-to-use shopping list

Customize your grocery needs for your family’s preferences

Sample Yummy Crate contents

Awesome projects & more in every crate

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Tasty & Toasty

Explore the delicious browning power of the Maillard reaction with hearty hamburgers, golden smashed potatoes, and crispy chicken tenders. Plus, discover more STEAM concepts with a DIY diner menu, pizza dough experiments, and the history of hamburgers!

Sample crate!

Rise & Shine

Learn how leaveners help make food light and airy with stacks of fluffy pancakes, thin folded pancakes, and sweet strawberry syrup. Plus, discover more STEAM concepts with fizzy kitchen experiments and a flippin’ fun pancake tossing game.

Sample crate!

Bright & Delightful

Dig into healthful and colorful phytonutrients with the Korean rice bowl bibimbap, savory salmon skewers, and fruity rainbow smoothies. Plus, discover more STEAM concepts with a DIY produce power wash and fruits and veggies game!

A young chef kneading dough and learning with tips from a Yummy Crate cooking science box

Delicious recipes and STEAM activities for kids 6 to 14

Delivered every month and starts at $18.50 a month, with free shipping in the U.S.!

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