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Pamphlet from Trebuchet Tinker Crate with clear instructions and STEM learningExample of a Tinker Crate monthly STEM box from KiwiCo
  1. Step 1 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  2. Step 2 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  3. Step 3 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  4. Step 4 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress
  5. Step 5 of wooden trebuchet kit assembly in progress

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We’re KiwiCo —
The Innovation Factory.

At KiwiCo, we design award-winning, hands-on STEM kits for kids ages 3-16+. We deliver them by mail and call them crates. Each crate explores a new concept in science, technology, or engineering in a fresh way that’s seriously fun & profoundly enriching. We take big ideas and make them accessible and fun for kids of all ages!

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We spend 1000+ hours designing & testing every single crate.

What sets our crates apart from typical science kits for kids?

Each of our crates presents kids with a multi-faceted experience that can last for hours, or even days!

Our crates include a magazine with additional science experiments and activities, and lots of rich content to dig deeper into the theme. We also provide online resources and video content for every project, all designed to allow kids to explore further.

A completed motor from a Tinker Crate monthly science kit

We deliver carefully engineered components along with clear instructions and inspiration.

Progress with process

Science subscription boxes can give young learners the tools they need to explore, experiment, and discover the wonders of science.Introducing new science skills each month through fun projects can transform curious individuals into engaged scientists, all while they're having fun.

Two children laying on the grass and playing with a monthly science kit

With a new interactive experience each month, you can have your kids looking forward to learning like they never have before. KiwiCo’s monthly science kits for kids can inspire a lifelong interest in STEAM that opens doors for creativity and innovation.

Over 50 million crates of fun... and counting!

Check out #KiwiCo for tons more amazing creativity and serious fun.

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It's a fantastic initiative that teaches my son about STEM in a way that is fun and accessible

-Oliver D

Awesomeness for kids of all ages!

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