Let's Tell a Story!

Make up stories and play pretend to help your toddler build their vocabulary.


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With this crate, your toddler will develop their language skills through pretend play and storytelling. See the products

Did you know? At this point in your child’s development, language and preliteracy are deeply connected to their social and emotional well-being!

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Each crate includes a grownup guide with 20+ pages of science-based, research-backed content about your toddler’s current stage.

  • Advice from doctors & experts

    The skinny on skills and brain science

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    What’s inside?

    1. In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Letter Munch Monster

      Toddlers can practice their fine motor skills and letter recognition by feeding the monster 26 illustrated food tokens.

    2. In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Fold-Up Storyboard

      Your toddler can practice naming and matching the 12 shapes to the pockets and use the board to tell a story.

    3. In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Alphabet Board Book

      Discover the alphabet together by matching the 26 letters at the end to letters earlier in the silly story.

    4. In Essentials + Plus + Deluxe:

      Grownup Guide

      Over 20 pages of research-backed guidance, development milestones, and activities to try at home.

    5. Only in Plus + Deluxe:

      Load & Go Wood Train Set

      Build a train track, use the hopper to load blocks on the train, deliver, and build a new path.

    6. Only in Deluxe:

      Little Bear: First Words at Home

      Discover new words with Little Bear as he plays, cooks, reads, and relaxes.

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    Made with care.

    Each crate is designed with love and made to last.

    All Panda Crate products are free of BPA, phthalates, and lead and meet or exceed rigorous testing and safety standards. Everything uses non-toxic, water-based paints and finishes.

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    3,060 Panda Crate reviews


    Carolyn T

    My daughter loves the panda crates! We look forward to every new crate with the subscription. The toys are built with high quality materials and simple designs allowing optimal play and learning to occur. Each toy is easy to clean and portable so great when were on the go as a family. In addition, it helps us busy parents support our child development every time we play together. Thank you Kiwico!

    Alyson R

    The toys in the boxes are always fantastic good quality and have multiple uses

    Hermes D

    its nice my daughter is getting new toys that are helpful for her and dont have to even think about it as a parent

    Alexis N

    Keeps them curious teaches them


    Love the crate. Engaging