We donated $25,000 to foster kids!

Nov 28, 2017 / By Katherine Rea

The holidays can be an especially difficult time for thousands of foster kids away from family and friends. Together we can help these children find joy, laughter and spark their creativity by receiving a Kiwi Crate just for them. Not only are these crates packed with fun and tell them someone cared about them but they also spark creativity and can bring joy back to learning, giving them confidence to find their strengths in the classroom.

Thanks to our amazing subscribers, aka YOU, and in partnership with Ticket to Dream Foundation, we will donate $25,000 worth of KiwiCo crates to foster kids this holiday season. As you know, the gift of a KiwiCo crate is much more than just a toy; for these children, it’s an experience that sparks creativity and brings joy to learning — and a reminder that someone cares about them.

Educational Stats for Foster Youth:

  • Only 50 % of foster youth graduate high school
  • Foster children repeat a grade twice as often
  • With each home move foster children lose 3-6 months of educational readiness

General Stats:

  • There are over 400,000 foster children in the US
  • 1 child enters foster care every 2 minutes

Thank you so much for sending the delight of a KiwiCo experience to the loved ones in your life and for helping us to deliver that delight to thousands more kids with Ticket to Dream!