Why the name “Kiwi Crate?”

Jun 8, 2011 / By Sandra

One of my kids’ favorite plush toys is a stuffed kiwi that my husband and I had picked up from New Zealand years ago. As we were running through potential names, it struck me that Kiwi (as he’s called) would make the perfect mascot for our company.

As my son and daughter envision him, Kiwi is friendly, curious, and a willing companion on all their adventures – just the sort of qualities we hope to convey ourselves. Since my kids were the inspiration for the company to begin with, I love having them tied into the process at so many levels, from branding and design critics to Chief Product Testers. In fact, they picked out our logo when presented with a few different kiwi options.

As additional background, the kiwi is a bird found only in New Zealand. It has no tail and tiny 2 inch wings on its chicken-sized body. It doesn’t fly. When Yael and I had separately visited New Zealand years ago to experience the country, our travels included an opportunity to see the kiwi. We really appreciate the fun adventurous spirit, the innovation, and the natural beauty of the country. The kiwi, which is known to be super alert, stands for the “ability to give birth to large ideas.” Again, all of those qualities are ones that Kiwi Crate aspires to and embraces in children. And yes – we love kiwi fruit too.


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