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A Camp KiwiCo counselor explains a science project to a child

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Here’s the scoop on Camp KiwiCo:

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Note: all the content (videos, printables, DIY activities) for Camp KiwiCo will be FREE and available to anyone starting June 22!

If you’d like to add more to your camper’s day, you can order the crates we’ve handpicked to go with each day’s theme.

Camp KiwiCo opens June 22nd

The content will be available all summer long, so you can access the sessions at any time that works best for you!

Sneak peek of each session

Each day of camp is centered around a super fun theme. We’re pulling together DIY activities, videos, printables, and more.

Koala Camp (Ages 3-4)

Play & learn preschool adventures

Enjoy a week of seriously fun & scientific backyard adventures — from rainbows & music to chemistry & camping!

Kiwi Camp (Ages 5-8)

Explore science, art & more

Delve into a week of discovery & delight exploring awesome arcades, fun with flight, deep-sea adventures & more!

Atlas Camp (Ages 6-11)

Discover the world

Explore the world from your living room! Get an introduction to the seven continents and learn all about four fascinating countries with immersive hands-on experiences.

Tinker Camp (Ages 9+)

Engineer cool machines

Spark moments of inspiration & fun all week long exploring robotics, hydraulics, movie magic, mechanical toys & outer space!


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