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Kiwi Camp

  1. All 5 days!

    Grownup guide

    Everything you need to complete each session.

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  2. A cute wood robot, decorated with stickers, is posed on a shelf.

    Day 1

    Real-Life Robots

    Discover how robot engineers solve problems, then design your own robots.

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  3. A smiling little boy looks at a ship in a plastic bottle with colorful beakers and pipettes in the foreground.

    Day 2

    Kitchen Chemistry

    Experiment and learn some hands-on chemistry, right in your kitchen.

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  4. A top-down view of a craft table with a little paper frog floating in a square tray of water which is sprinkled with colorful chalk. A few colorful chalks and paper frogs are on the table around it.

    Day 3

    Biology Lab

    Dive into pond ecosystems and discover the creatures that live there.

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  5. A top-down view of a light table with an illustrated dog on it. The light allows you to see through the dog's skin and into the muscles and bones.

    Day 4

    Awesome Animals

    Discover what it takes to keep our furry friends healthy, inside and out.

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  6. A planet-themed mobile with a glowing yellow paper lantern Sun in the middle, surrounded by paper planets and spacecraft. They all hang from a wood disk etched with stars.

    Day 5

    Space Quest

    Meet an astronaut and discover some out-of-this-world space science.

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