Koala Camp

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Koala Camp

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    Grownup guide

    Everything you need to complete each session.

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  2. child with crafted binoculars

    Day 1

    Summer Safari

    Join a zookeeper on a learning adventure and discover amazing animals.

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  3. watering a plant in a window

    Day 2

    Great Gardens

    From seeds to flowers, discover how plants bloom and grow.

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  4. child holding a crafted moon with stars in the background

    Day 3

    Super Space

    Blast off with air rockets, then explore the moon and stars.

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  5. child creating a colorful painting with tape-resist

    Day 4

    Amazing Art

    Explore creative color-mixing through art and experiments.

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  6. a colorful fabric windsock blowing in the breeze

    Day 5

    Wacky Weather

    Meet a meteorologist and discover the wonders of weather.

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