Tinker Camp

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Tinker Camp

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    Grownup guide

    Everything you need to complete each session.

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  2. A plastic bottle rocket sits in the grass with an orange Tinker Crate box behind. A child's hand holds the rocket while an adult's hand reaches in to help.

    Day 1

    Radical Rockets

    Be a rocket engineer and try some gravity-defying design challenges.

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  3. A small vacuum chamber sits on a table, with an orange balloon inside that is swollen and ready to pop.

    Day 2

    Extreme Air Pressure

    Explore engineering with air pressure and learn what happens when air isn’t there.

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  4. A close-up view of a bubble machine with a stream of bubbles leaving the bubble wand and a child's hand in the background.

    Day 3

    Science of Bubbles

    Explore and experiment with the science of building better bubbles.

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  5. A teen boy assembles an artistic-looking lamp made of laser-cut wood and brightly colored paper.

    Day 4

    Dynamic Design

    Meet a real-life architect and tackle some creative building challenges!

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  6. A row of three small plant pots sit in a line on an outside table. They are connected by a drip irrigation system attached to a cup of water.

    Day 5

    Plant Power

    Get growing with the science of plants and design a self-watering terrarium.

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