Bow and Arrow

Bow and Arrow

Summer's around the corner and this is a great project for outdoor play and experimentation. We had so much fun making this project! It's amazing how a few household craft items can be transformed into a bow and arrow. I loved experimenting with the arrows to see how far and fast they could fly!

6 - 10
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. glue gun
  2. scissors
  3. masking tape or duct tape
  4. jumbo craft sticks (13 - 30)
  5. mini wooden spools (9 - 15) - blocks or spacers will work too
  6. rubber band (1) - large
  7. straws (2)
  8. pom poms
  1. Build the framework of your bow using hot glue and jumbo craft sticks.

    Tip:  We used 6 jumbo craft sticks for the base of our bow.  You can use less or more craft sticks depending on how large or small you want your bow to be!

  2. Now add structural reinforcement to your bow with more craft sticks. Repeat steps 1-2 to create another side, making both sides as symmetrical as possible.

    Tip:  We used yellow craft sticks to indicate areas where we reinforced our bow.  You can add structure by creating a large "V" or "T" shape, or other patterns you find helpful to reinforcing your bow!  

  3. Glue the wooden spools between the two sides of the reinforced bow completed in Step 2.  

    Tip:  You can use mini wooden spools, spacers, blocks, or dowels.

  4. Stretch the rubber band around the ends of the bow and glue it to the sides of the craft sticks to secure it in place.  Add tape to the middle of the rubber band to help with launching. This will keep the rubber two sides of the rubber band together and make aiming and launching easier. If your rubber band isn't large enough, try looping two together.

    Tip:  Try experimenting with different rubber bands in different lengths.

  5. Now for the arrows! Join two straws together and add some tape in the middle to hold it together. Glue a large pom pom to one end of the straw.

    Tip:  Try experimenting with different straws, tapes, and pom poms!

  6. Cut a 'V' shape on the other end of the straw.  This will help as a notch when using the bow to launch the straws.

  7. Test your bow and arrow! You may need to adjust your arrows by adding more weight to the tip.