Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

Chalkboard Painted Block Puzzle

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. wooden blocks (9 (or however many you like))
  2. chalkboard paint
  3. chalk
  4. paintbrush
  1. First, gather your supplies.  We used 9 wooden blocks to make our 3x3 puzzle.  You can get these at any crafts store.  Chalkboard paint was such a COOL discovery too! 

  2. Then, just let your little one loose to paint the cubes.  We painted 5 sides, and then painted the bottom after the sides had dried.  

  3. Note: as with any painting project, you might want to cover your counter / table first.  A little chalkboard paint made its way onto the counter, and it took a little bit of scrubbing to remove.

  4. Leave the blocks to dry - it took ours about 15 minutes.

  5. Now, for more fun! Using the chalk, take turns drawing a picture (or a letter or a design) on the blocks.  Shuffle up the blocks, and then let your partner reassemble the puzzle.

  6. Voila!  You can erase the chalk easily with a damp paper towel and start all over again.