Golden Pirate Slime

Golden Pirate Slime

Yo-ho-ho! Lately we've had pirates, buried treasure, and high-seas adventures on our minds, so we decided to create golden pirate slime! Create an amazing, oozing mix of ingredients that encourages sensory play fun. Don't worry about getting a little messy, because who doesn't like slime? Bury little treasures inside your golden slime and dig them out!

3 - 6
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. large mixing bowl
  2. liquid starch
  3. clear glue - (we recommend Elmer's)
  4. measuring cups
  5. glitter
  6. ziploc bag
  7. liquid watercolor - (optional)
  8. food coloring - (optional)
  9. small toys, shells, pearls, etc - (optional)
  1. Pour 1/4 cup of liquid starch into a large bowl.

  2. Add gold glitter and liquid watercolor to the starch and mix well. Food coloring works here as well!

    Tip: We added the glitter and color before adding glue in the next step to create a more consistent mixture.

  3. Add 2.5 oz of clear glue to the liquid starch.

  4. Start mixing with your hands! The mixing might take awhile and the gel may get stringy. Don't worry - just keep mixing and eventually the mixture will really feel like slime!

    If you want to make more slime, add in more liquid starch and glue at a 1:3 ratio.

    Tip: If your gel is still too stringy, put it in a plastic bag, and press any air out when you close the bag. Let your gel sit around 10-15 minutes to help its consistency!

  5. Once your slime has the right consistency, hide some treasures! Are you ready to have fun with slime?

    Tip: To keep your slime from drying out, store it in a plastic zip bag.