Light-Up Mason Jar

Light-Up Mason Jar

Bring the stars to you and learn about the amazing night sky by creating your own mini-constellation jar that can light up.

Download our constellation printable here to get started!

Or, for some winter-themed fun, you can also create your own light-up jar of snowflakes! 

5 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. glass jar
  2. aluminum foil
  3. ruler
  4. string
  5. thumb tack
  6. cardboard
  7. toilet paper tubes
  8. electric tea light
  9. constellation printable
  10. construction paper - black, optional
  11. pencil - optional
  12. x-acto knife - optional
  13. stapler - optional
  1. Use a ruler to measure the height of your jar to figure out how tall it is. Then, use a piece of string to find the circumference by measuring around the mouth. Add half an inch to your circumference measurement.

    Have an adult help or carefully supervise any cutting necessary for this project.

  2. Cut a piece of aluminum foil based on the measurements of your jar. We used a jar that measured 5 inches x 7 ½ inches.

    If needed, a grownup assistant should help or supervise any cutting necessary for this project.

  3. Tip!

    Snowflake Jar Option: Use black construction paper instead of aluminum foil.

  4. Place the foil flat on the cardboard and put the constellation sheet on top.  

  5. Tip!

    Snowflake Jar Option: Cut out a few paper snowflakes and trace them onto a piece of black construction paper. 

  6. Choose a constellation from the sheet and use the pushpin to create it by carefully poke holes through the paper and foil. 

  7. Tip!

    The cardboard will also get poked, but should protect your work surface.

  8. Choose another constellation and create it on a different spot of the foil. Try to learn the names and shapes of each constellation that you make!

  9. Tip!

    Snowflake Jar Option: Cut out the shapes you traced onto the construction paper using an X-acto knife. 

  10. After, take your foil and wrap it around the toilet paper roll to give it a curved surface. Remove the toilet paper roll.

  11. Tip!

    Snowflake Jar Option: Use a stapler to form the construction paper into a cylindrical shape and add some tissue paper inside the construction paper cylinder to give your shining snowflakes some color! 

  12. Carefully place the curved foil into the jar. (Try not to crinkle your designs!) 

  13. Tip!

    Snowflake Jar Option: Carefully place the paper cylinder into the jar.

  14. Turn on the tea light and place it inside the jar. Screw on the lid, turn off the lights, and check out your new constellations (or snowflakes) shining in the dark!

    Use your mini-constellation jar outside as a small nightlight, or use it to help you learn about the night sky.

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