Pencil Roll

Pencil Roll

Looking for a cute way to store your pencils other than in a mug or standard pencil cup? Make this cute and colorful pencil roll and use it to hold your pencils or give it as a gift to your favorite artsy friend! 

5 - 16
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. felt
  2. ruler
  3. marker
  4. scissors
  5. x-acto knife
  6. string
  7. colored pencils
  1. Cut your felt into an 8” x 18” sheet. 

  2. Starting about 2” from the top and 2 ½” from the left, create a mark on the felt about ½” wide. Make another mark about ¼” below the first. Then, make a second pair of marks about 3 ½” below the first pair. 

  3. Tip!

    These measurements don’t have to be exact, but keep in mind that they will need to fit a colored pencil snugly once cut. If in doubt, start out with smaller marks and make them larger if necessary. 

  4. Continue marking the felt horizontally until you are about 1 ½” from the other end. Leave about ½” between each set of marks. 

  5. Using an X-acto knife or scissors, cut slits into the felt where you marked it. 

  6. Turn the felt over so that the marks you made are face down on the table and slide your pencils into the roll. 

  7. Make a small hole near the far end of the roll and pull the string through it.

  8. Roll up your pencil roll and tie it with the string!