Shaving Cream Paint

Shaving Cream Paint

I don't know a child that does not love to play with shaving cream. To put a little twist on our normal shaving cream play we added some color and called it paint! It still covered their little hands and created an afternoon full of toddler bliss just like it always does.

2 - 7
Est. Time:
<30 mins

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. shaving cream
  2. liquid watercolor paint - or food color
  3. paintbrushes
  4. paper
  5. paper cups
  1. I always have a can of shaving cream in our art supplies. I usually use it on a day when the kids are restless and need to have some good messy fun!

  2. On this day we decided to make paint with our shaving cream. We added some to four paper cups along with a few drops of liquid watercolors.

  3. The kids mixed up the paint and shaving cream. It looked so pretty as it swirled together.

  4. They got to painting right away. It was such fun to be painting with something they normally would not paint with. I think this would make great bathtub paint too.