These little eggheads are an adorable project! Just plant the grass seeds and watch the hair grow. You can even use these eggheads as seed-starter pots because they are biodegradable and full of calcium for your plants!

2 - 9
Est. Time:
2+ hours

How we did it:

Materials List

  1. eggs
  2. soil (pellets or potting soil)
  3. grass seed
  4. permanent markers (e.g., sharpies)
  5. egg carton
  1. Gather your materials!

  2. For young kids who might have trouble handling an empty eggshell without breaking it, start with drawing a face on the egg with a permanent marker (washable markers will run when you water your egghead).

  3. This step is a little tricky, and may require some adult help. Tap the pointed end of the egg against a hard surface until it is slightly cracked. Using your finger, pull off bits of the shell until the opening is big enough for a good crop of hair.

  4. Dump the raw egg out (may as well make scrambled eggs while you're at it!) and rinse the empty eggshell.

  5. Place your eggshells into an empty egg carton, and then place one soil pellet in each. Add in water until the soil has expanded and is nice and moist, or just use potting soil. Sprinkle the grass seeds on top.

  6. Place your eggs in a sunny spot and check the soil daily. Add water if it looks or feels dry. You should see sprouts in a few days.

    Once the hair is long enough, you can style it however you'd like. Try tying the grassy hair, or even trimming to a unique cut. Keep watering your eggheads and enjoy!