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Ages 6-11



Get going — to Guatemala! Craft a pair of muñecas quitapenas dolls, inspired by Mayan culture. Construct a wooden top and launcher set, then give this classic Guatemalan pastime a spin. Meet the turtles of Monterrico, and learn all about their turtle hurdles (and victories, too!). Build a mini barrilete gigante kite, and experience the color and craftsmanship of Guatemalan kite festivals. Then mix some masa harina, and make your own fresh-cooked tortillas. Deliciosa!


  • Make your own muñecas quitapenas dolls
  • Build your own spinning top
  • Learn about the turtles of Monterrico
  • Build a mini barrilete gigante kite
  • Mix masa harina to make tortillas


  • Spinning Tops
  • Crafting Worry Dolls
  • Barriletes Gigantes

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