The Rainbows Crate

About This Crate

Educational Opportunities

  • Assembling the stuffed rainbow cloud helps develop gross motor skills.
  • Creating the stained glass artwork and dyeing the tote bag helps develop fine motor skills.
  • Observing the color change of the rainbow tote bag helps develop an understanding of cause and effect.

Tips & Tricks

  • Peel off the small part of the stained glass sticker backing first to align it with the frame. Once in place, remove the large part of the sticker backing and everything should line up nicely.
  • Divide the tissue paper squares into two piles before beginning the project. One pile is for the tote bag, and one pile is for the stained glass.
Photo by @jerjamg on Instagram

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Repurpose Your Crate

Looking for something to do with the crate everything came in? The lid can be cut off and turned into dividers for the interior of the box. With a pair of scissors and some hot glue, you can create six sections.

Tempera paint will warp the cardboard, so make sure to glue down the inside dividers to prevent them from spreading apart.

Let your child paint the interior of each section with a color of the rainbow, and it turns into a color-coded organizer for art supplies! Make sure to let the box dry fully before putting art supplies inside.

Add more dividers for more color options!

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