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Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Basket Weaving


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Weave the way with basketmaking! Prepare and dye yarn (both in solid colors, and in two-tone, variegated shades). Then learn to weave three sizes of baskets — a basket for every occasion! Craft, customize, and get creative, then do it all over again for a set of three baskets that are uniquely you.

This basket weaving craft kit includes a step-by-step video tutorial link, illustrated instructions, all the materials, and additional art & design ideas and inspiration.

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Jul 12 2021

The top part of the basket was hard. I love that its useful and i can use the finished product. Over all it was fun and simple

Apr 29 2020

Purchased this because I thought the weaving would be fun for my daughter. The dye is a little messy but I do like the 3 different box options. It was hard getting the yarn to look just right when weaving so she did have to start all over again.