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Ages 2+
Ages 2+

Color Mixing


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Mix together colors in your very own color lab (complete with beakers and a stir stick!) and explore the colorful science of cause and effect. Then play a bunch of color games that challenge your color identification and matching skills — like color bingo, color memory, and more!

Discover age-appropriate projects, designed specifically for your child's age & stage, along with DISCOVER, a bonus magazine with expert advice, content around developmental focus areas, and additional at home activities to continue the fun at home.

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Jul 1 2020

My daughter loves rainbow everything so this crate was perfect for her. She loved being able to not only see all of the colors but also learning about them too!

Jun 7 2020

What a fun time to spend with my toddler. She had a blast and felt so smart while playing the color matching game!

May 22 2020

Had such a great time with my daughter the other day while we were doing this crate. It is a great way to keep the kids learning and engaged while being home so much.