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Discovering Dinosaurs


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Explore the prehistoric era for fun that's larger than life! Decorate a fun dino visor and a pair of huge dino feet to stomp around like a dinosaur or play a game of dino tag. Then, arrange dinosaur "bones" into different dinosaur skeletons, and use clay to create your own fossils. Learn more about how paleontologists discover dinosaur bones and learn to make fossils you can dig up yourself!

Everything needed, from materials to illustrated directions, is included, along with explore!, a bonus play & learn magazine specially created for this crate.

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Kathryn E.
Jan 13 2015

I loved how there were multiple activities with some being quick and others taking a bit more time which meant we could spread it out over a couple of days.

Natasha L.
Dec 22 2014

I loved that all the materials were good quality and it was very easy to follow!!

Shayla Hill
Dec 19 2014

My daughter enjoyed this so much. With my job it's very hard to set aside time for my four year old because I come home breast feed then get ready for bed. This definitely made her feel like she is important because we were able to do projects.