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Ages 14+
Ages 14+

Soap Dispenser


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Get ready for hands-on tinkering . . with squeaky-clean hands! Harness the power of pumps and switches, and rig up a mechanical soap dispenser that works with the push of a button. Explore the science of peristalsis, then deep-dive into the history of human hygiene — both good and bad!

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Jun 5 2020

We love this kit so much that we bought it twice. Our son has one in his bathroom (he washes his hands more now YAY) and we have one for hand sanitizer in our entry way. Our son had a blast building it and learned a lot about peristalsis.

May 25 2020

It was our granddaughter's first kit of any kind, and being April 2020 that she did it, the timing was perfect for all things going on in the USA

May 16 2020

My 6 year old grandson loves building things and he enjoyed this kit. He is very proud of himself and loves to use it.