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We know this school year looks different for everyone. Whether your child is learning in person or virtually, KiwiCo is here to help navigate the school year with creativity and innovation to inspire confidence during these uncertain times.

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Packs for an entire class

Inspire students to work together, solve real problems, and create something amazing.

Each Classroom Pack includes NGSS-aligned curriculum and lesson plans, illustrated instructions, and materials for 10 groups. Suggested for up to 40 students.

Robot Crawler Classroom Pack

Students will construct robot crawlers — motor-powered robots that walk (and race!) to explore linkages, friction, and mechanical energy.

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Mechanical Claw Classroom Pack

Students will build jointed claws inspired by the biomechanics of a human hand. This project is reusable!

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Automaton Classroom Pack

Students will construct automatons — hand-cranked machines that investigate mechanics and patterns of motion.

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Drawbot Classroom Pack

Students will construct drawbots — moving robots that explore physics through art.

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We homeschool and we feel like Tinker Crate is an excellent resource to build upon what we are doing in science. Our kids look forward to their box every month. We all love the Tinker Zine that is included to expand upon the project.
- Lindsay M.

Teachers’ top picks

Enriching projects that are kid tested, teacher approved. Intended for 1-2 students per crate. No subscription needed!

Light-Up Wire Art

Build two custom electronic art pieces with EL wire.

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Walking Robot

Build a walking robot and experiment with mechanical motion!

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Build a ballista and experiment with aiming and launching!

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Robots and Coding

Build and decorate your own friendly robot buddy.

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Spin Art Machine

Make a spin art machine and experiment with centrifugal forces!

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Robot Crawler Classroom Pack

With this 10 pack, your students will work in pairs or small groups to construct robot crawlers - motor-powered robots that walk (and race!) to explore linkages, friction, and mechanical energy.

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