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Whether you’re gifting for a birthday, baby shower, the holidays, or your child’s classroom, gifting as a group is the perfect way to send months of fun and learning to that budding innovator!

A KiwiCo gift box

Here’s how it works:

Illustrated KiwiCo boxes

Pick a gift type

Choose between a gift card and a subscription.

An illustrated delivery truck

Enter recipient details

Let us know who and where to send the gift to.

An illustrated Happy Birthday card

Customize your gift

Set your goal amount and write a gift message.

Children with KiwiCo group gift boxes

Invite friends and family to contribute

Share the page with others so they can contribute to this gift!

Four KiwiCo group gift boxes
Child with a KiwiCo group birthday present

It’s a great gift for creative minds! My granddaughter looks forward to the arrival of her Kiwi Crate, and her parents love it because everything they need to complete the projects are included!

- Patricia S.


What happens if my group doesn’t meet the goal by the time of the delivery date?

What if I don’t know what line the recipient will want?

What happens once the goal is met?

What happens if my group contributes more than the original goal?

Can I add and gift multiple subscriptions?

Do I have to pay anything to set up this group gift?

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