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  1. A

    Panda Crate

    Starts at $33.90/crate

    Wood pegboard set, pull-back car, ball drop drawer, grownup guide, and other items from Panda Crate.
    1. 3–6 stage-specific products

    2. 1 in-depth grownup guide

    3. 6–10 developmental skills per crate

    Or get even more:

  2. B

    Panda CratePlus

    Starts at $68.00/crate

    Tap and Roll ball run and additional developmental toys included in the Panda Plus Crate.
    1. 3–6 stage-specific products

    2. 1 in-depth grownup guide

    3. 10–12 developmental skills per crate

    4. 1–2 grow-with-me Plus products

    5. 1–2 additional play guides

    6. $150 worth of products and content

Explore other ages

  1. Illustration of a sleeping baby

    0-6 months

    Your newborn is taking it all in as they wake up to the world around them. The “let’s discover the world” party is just getting started!

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  2. Illustration of a crawling baby, following a rolling ball

    7-12 months

    Welcome to the “Here I am!” months as your baby interacts with more intention, unveiling more of their unique personality.

    Explore ➜

  3. Illustration of a walking toddler

    13-18 months

    Your toddler is stepping up and out into the world as they get the hang of their fine and gross motor skills. These kids are on the move!

    Explore ➜

  4. Illustration of a running toddler, chasing bubbles in the air

    19-24 months

    Your toddler is now mastering so many new skills. Invite them to explore and problem-solve to expand their curiosity and confidence.

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  5. Explore Panda Crate for 25-30 month olds.

    25-30 months

    Your toddler is a tiny scientist eager to explore anything and everything. Use play to help lay a foundation in early math, science, and language development.

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  6. Explore Panda Crate for 31-36 month olds.

    31-36 months

    Your toddler is bursting with independence and a determined sense of “I can do it!” Help them build their confidence as they explore the world through creative problem solving and skill building.

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Little ones and their grownups are loving

Panda Crate!

This is one of the best investments I made for her. The kits come tailor made for your child’s age/development level and are made from quality materials.

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