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Crawling Robot image

Crawling Robot


Fire Lab image

Fire Lab


Soap Dispenser image

Soap Dispenser


Vortex Lab image

Vortex Lab


Glow Lab image

Glow Lab

$39.95$49.95 20% off

Macrame Planters image

Macrame Planters



Tie-Dye Pillow Set (3-Pack) image

Tie-Dye Pillow Set (3-Pack)

$34.95($54.85 value)

Painting Tools Bundle image

Painting Tools Bundle

$24.95($29.90 value)

Painting Essentials Bundle image

Painting Essentials Bundle

$24.95($29.90 value)


Personalized Apron Set (6-Pack) image

Personalized Apron Set (6-Pack)

$59.95($92.70 value)

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Engineering & Art Kits for Teens & Adults

Whether you love constructing robots and combination locks or you prefer exploring crafting techniques and hand-stitch beautiful designs, there's a KiwiCo crate for you! Our engineering kits are perfect for teens and adults who want to work on complex builds that are cool and useful, like a desk lamp or even a ukulele! We design our engineering kits to have clear instructions and lead to practical, amazing results.

Our art kits are a great match for teens and adults who want to tap into their creative side and discover new art styles and techniques. Every creation serves as a practical decoration, and you can use the skills that you acquire to dive even further into these creative art traditions!