Ages 9+
Ages 9+

Lots of Bots! Robotics Bundle (3-Pack)

$81.95($95.85 value)

What you get

Get ready to rock out with robotics — with this bundle pack of our most beloved ’bots! Play with mechanical motion as you engineer a walking robot, get hands-on with switches as you create and customize a slithering snake robot, and discover domino design with a domino robot you build yourself.

The Lots of Bots! Robotics Engineering Bundle includes Walking Robot, Domino Machine, and Remote-Controlled Snake Robot — at a special bundled discount price. All crates are delivered together, so you can get wired up and working right away.

Ages 9+

Walking Robot: Construct your robot’s body, wire up the motor, then link together the leg pieces and paper arms. Place your finished bot on a flat surface, then switch it on to watch it go go go! Customize your bot by drawing new arms, links, or body panels on the included paper sheets or fashioning materials from home (like balls or balloons) into a unique new head.
Individual price: $27.95

Domino Machine: Engineer a dazzling domino machine that lays out dominos in a row — so you don’t have to! Construct the drivetrain, add the wheels, then mount the motor. Decorate the domino pusher with wiggle eyes and a mouth sticker, then fit it onto your machine. Load up your finished robot with dominoes, then switch it on to watch it set up a perfectly spaced-out domino run!
Individual price: $27.95

Remote-Controlled Snake Robot: Build your snake’s body, assemble and wire the electronics that drive the robot (including a motor and remote control box), then customize your creation by adding a decorative skin of your choice. Harness the power of switches to drive your finished bot, then use the maze pieces to set up a navigation challenge and test how well you can steer your snake!
Individual price: $39.95

• Bundle includes step-by-step instructions and all the materials you need to make all 3 projects.
• Walking Robot includes a 13-page zine packed with articles about the radical world of robotics, as well as inspiration for how to use materials from home to create a penguin-bot, a robot caterpillar, or anything else you’d like!
• Domino Machine features 100 wood dominoes for bringing your domino designs to life — plus batteries, so you can get the fun started immediately.
• Domino Machine also includes a 13-page zine full of domino tips, design inspiration, and in-depth articles about energy transfer.
• Remote-Controlled Snake Robot comes with a choice of two snake skins, plus a blank skin you can decorate yourself using real-world snake inspo!
• Remote-Controlled Snake Robot features a 33-page instructional booklet packed with articles about snake robots, switches, and nature-inspired science solutions.



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